Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To honor America’s aerospace pioneers and memorialize and share their impact for the inspiration of leaders to come. From early flight to space travel, we strive to create a distinctive educational resource that will inspire future generations to appreciate our nation’s extraordinary aviation heritage and the men and women who created it.

Our Vision

To capture the imagination of the next generation of aerospace leaders through an evolving narrative of previous legends’ challenges and accomplishments through engaging programs and our permanent Heritage Hall & Education Center in Dayton, OH.

We accomplish this by

Magnifying the significance of the National Aviation Hall of Fame’s mission through events, programs, and outreach.

Identifying and capturing strategic partnerships and on-going support to sustain our goal inspire the next generation of aviation innovators.

Ensuring the on-going evolution of our 17,000 sq ft Heritage Hall & Education Center, a flexible, ever-changing destination to serve as the showplace for immersive aviation and STEAM based experiences.