Nomination for Induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame


This information is provided to help you nominate your candidate for induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF).

The mission of the NAHF is to honor the people who have significantly contributed to the advancement of our nations aerospace legacy, and, to inspire by sharing the stories of how those inducted into the NAHF reached their aerospace dreams.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Only members of the NAHF may submit names for consideration as nominees (NAHF Bylaws, Article XXI).  If you are not already a member of the NAHF and would like to become one, please go to membership page.


Nomination Procedure

Nomination materials must be received by the NAHF office on or before March 1st each year. Any nomination package received after the dead line will be considered the following year.

Your candidate’s nomination will be screened by a subcommittee of the NAHF Board of Nominations before it is referred to the entire Board of Nominations, which consists of over 130 distinguished aviation experts nationwide who are elected by the NAHF Board of Trustees.

Once a year, the Board of Nominations votes by secret ballot on eligible nominees for enshrinement. Because the NAHF begins preparing for enshrinement over a year in advance, it could take up to 18 months from receipt of your nomination package to its first consideration by the Board of Nominations.

To nominate an eligible individual for enshrinement into the NAHF, please click either button below to download:

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Helpful Hints

Enshrinement into the NAHF is an extremely prestigious accomplishment. Many distinguished air and space pioneers are currently on our nomination ballot. In order to make your nominee more competitive, please make your nomination package as thorough, comprehensive and documented as possible. This may include detailed narratives and pictures (non-returnable) of the nominee, for example. Once a nomination package has been submitted, it may always be updated with additional information as it becomes available.

Your nomination package must include:

  • The completed nomination form.
  • Detailed one page biography of nominee. Any biography longer than one page in length will not be accepted. Please use 11pt. font size as minimum and allow for a one inch margin on the left, top, and bottom of the paper.
  • Be sure to include a summary of nominee’s achievements, including national and international awards, decorations, honors, etc. When and where did the nominee make his or her personal significant contributions. How the nominee’s contributions being used today and what distinguishes the nominee from others in the same field.

If you have any questions on developing your nomination package, feel free to contact the NAHF office at 937-256-0944 ext. 16 or e-mail Meagan Scharrer at [email protected].