The Neil Armstrong Outstanding Achievement Award

The Armstrong Award

“The Armstrong Award” is a highly prestigious aviation award named after Neil Armstrong, the military aviator, test-pilot, astronaut, educator, and 1979 Enshrinee. The award will be presented by the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) at its annual Enshrinement Dinner & Ceremony.

Award Criteria: The award is for exceptional aviation performance of national or international significance by a US citizen or by a group, the majority of which are US citizens. The incomparable accomplishment may be: a one-time event that establishes a new level of performance of an aviation activity; a demonstration of an exceptionally high level of personal skill in an aviation event; the development or demonstration of a breakthrough in aviation technology; or an enduring series of events that demonstrate life-long dedication to leadership in promoting aviation and the values of citizenship, dignity, integrity, and service.

  • Current Enshrinees of the NAHF are eligible if after 10 years from enshrinement, they continue to demonstrate the tenets of the award.
  • Annually, nominations will be provided by the Chairman of the NAHF Board with the advice and consent of the Board’s Executive Committee.
  • The awardee will be selected by a committee of 5 NAHF Board members (including at least one Enshrinee). The 5 members shall be chosen by the NAHF’s Executive Committee.
  • The awardee must be willing to accept the award in-person at the Enshrinement event.
  • The final approval of the awardee rests with the full NAHF Board.

Nomination Package Information

 Please provide the following nominee information.  Please keep in mind the selection criteria and attach any additional documentation and/or materials you choose to enhance your nomination.

  • Your personal letter describing why your nominee deserves to receive this award.
  • Honors and awards received by your nominee.
  • A 150 word description of your nominee’s Vision, Mission, and Goals.
  • A synopsis (250 words maximum) of your nominee’s accomplishments.
  • Documentation to support the nominee’s efforts.
  • Letters from others in support of your nominee.