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Allan Haines Lockheed

  • Made the first dual-pilot controlled flight in 1910 with George Gates.
  • Built his first plane in 1913 with his brother, Malcolm. It was called the Model G and the brothers used it to start an aerial sightseeing business. The Lougheads (Allen later legally changed his name to Lockheed in 1934) organized the Loughhead Aircraft Manufacturing Company in 1916.
  • Formed the Lockheed Aircraft Company in 1926 with John Northrop (enshrined 1974), Kenneth Kay, and Fred Keeler. The corporation became famous by selling its “Vega” airplane to San Francisco Examiner publisher, George Hearst. The Vega was later used in Hubert Wilkins’ expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • Resigned from the corporation in 1929, just before the stock market crash. Lockheed would later serve as an aviation consultant for the Lockheed Aircraft Corp.

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