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Frank Nicholas Piasecki

  • Founded the PV-Engineering Forum in 1940 that developed transport helicopters and vertical lift aircraft.
  • Flew the PV-Engineering Forum’s first helicopter, the PV-2, on April 11th, 1943 which was the second successful helicopter to fly in America.
  • Convinced the U.S. Navy to grant the forum a contract to design a large tandem rotor helicopter and piloted the world’s first successful tandem rotor helicopter in 1945.
  • Created the HUP in 1948 which was the first helicopter to complete an aerial loop and would later become the first production helicopter equipped with an auto-pilot feature.
  • First person to qualify with the Civil Aeronautics Administration (now FAA) as a helicopter pilot prior to receiving his fixed wing pilot’s license.
  • Designed and test flew over 20 different rotary wing aircraft world wide.
  • Developed the Airgeep in 1958 and the Pathfinder in 1962.
  • Developed and flew the Heli-Stat, a hybrid dynamic-static heavy lift aircraft.
  • Engaged in improving the speed, range, maneuverability and agility of the AH-64 Apache and the AH-1W Super Cobra by adding a wing and his “Ring-Tail.”

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