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Marion Eugene Carl

  • Scored 15.5 aerial victories by the Battle of Guadalcanal in World War II becoming the Marine Corps’ first ace. He ended his World War II combat in 1944 with 18.5 victories.
  • Flew as a test pilot after World War II and became the first Marine Corps aviator to operate a jet aircraft from a carrier.
  • Set a world speed record of 651 mph on August 25th, 1947, flying a Douglas Skystreak at Muroc Field, now Edwards Air Force Base in California.
  • Commanded the first Marine jet squadron, led the first Marine jet aerobatic team, was the first Marine helicopter pilot, and the first military pilot to set an altitude record at 83,235 feet while wearing a full pressure suit in a Douglas Skyrocket in 1953.
  • First Marine aviator to receive the Octave Chanute Award for notable contributions to aeronautical sciences.
  • Flew U-2 spy planes over China and combat missions in Vietnam.
  • Retired in 1973 as a Major General with 13,000 flying hours.

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