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Robert Ellsworth Gross


Born: May 11, 1897 in West Newton, Massachusetts
Death: September 5, 1961
Enshrined: 1970

Purchased the bankrupt Lockheed Company for $40,000 in 1932.

Lifted Lockheed out of the red and pushed the Lockheed’s yearly sales to nearly $150 million.

Served as the chairman and treasurer and received international recognition for the Lockheed Module 10, 12, and 14 Electra monoplanes.

Negotiated a vital contract with the British for Hudson bombers in 1938.

Under his leadership, Lockheed built P-38 Lightings and the C-69 Constellation, and the P-80 Shooting Star jet fighter.

Became CEO and Chairman of Lockheed and developed into a giant aerospace complex, including aircraft production, rocket propulsion, missiles, and spacecraft.

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