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Robert Forman Six

  • Formed the Valley Flying Service in 1929 after earning his pilot’s license.
  • Invested in the Southwest division of Varney Speed Lines in 1936, later moving the headquarters to Denver, Colorado, and renaming it Continental Airlines.
  • Contracted for Continental Airlines to modify warplanes, operate military cargo routes, and train aircrews during World War II.
  • Spent part of World War II in the Army Air Transport Command as a lieutenant colonel and the remainder as a reserve officer in charge of Continental Airlines’ bomber modification center.
  • Merged Continental with Pioneer Airlines after World War II, expanding its routes.
  • Introduced jetliners and initiated economy jet fares in 1955.
  • Made his airline international when he provided service to military bases in the Pacific and then formed air service to Southeast Asia, Europe, Micronesia, and Hawaii.
  • Pioneered a number of low or discount fares which brought air travel to many who otherwise could not have afforded it.

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