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Roscoe Turner

  • Set a speed record between Los Angeles and New York in 1929 while carrying a passenger.
  • Broke the transcontinental record more times than any other person.
  • Sported a wax mustache and a pseudo-military uniform during his barnstorming days and often flew with his pet lion “Gilmore.”
  • Won the Bendix Transcontinental race in 1933.
  • Won the Thompson Trophy Races in 1934, 1938, and 1939.
  • He and Jimmy Doolittle are the only pilots to win both the Thompson and Bendix trophies.
  • Was the sponsor and commander of the only American team to finish the McRobertson International Air Race from London, England to Melbourne, Australia in 1934 taking second place in the speed division.
  • Formed the Turner Aviation Institute to help train flight instructors, pilots, and mechanics during World War II.
  • Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1952 by an Act of Congress, for his contributions to aviation development and pioneering in speed flying. It was the first to be awarded in over 20 years by an Act of Congress.
  • Was a consultant to the House Science and Astronautics Committee where he served the 86th, 87th, and 89th U.S. Congress.

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