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Sanford Alexander Moss

  • Joined the General Electric Company in 1903 where his research on centrifugal air compressors enabled the company to become a world leader in this field.
  • Developed an engine turbo supercharger for warplanes during World War I to attain higher altitude.
  • The successful turbo supercharger was used on planes that set world altitude records and for high altitude bombing tests on the battleship USS New Jersey.
  • Installed a turbo-supercharger on America’s revolutionary new B-17 bomber, which enabled it to achieve an astounding 311 miles per hour at 25,000 feet. Subsequently, another Flying Fortress set a transcontinental record of nine hours and 14 minutes high in the skies.
  • Received the Collier Trophy with the Army Air Corps in 1940 for the development of the turbo super charger.
  • Helped to pressurize airliners and brought a new comfortable, above-the-weather service to air travel.

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