Innovation Lab – Week 13 Updates

Innovation Lab Weekly Update.

This week has brought us to the beginning of the detail work within the lab. As you can see there have been new multi-colored lights installed to give the lab a very dynamic feel even when the lab may not be in use with a class or visitors.


One of the new display cases that will house displays about the Collier Trophy and the Enshrinees who have won it and the other will be the “Forces of Flight” display. The small kiosk will be a hands-on interactive display.


The air traffic control tower has been disassembled and thoroughly cleaned of years of dust and debris. The lights behind the panels are scheduled to be changed before reopening.


The new stainless steel sink has been installed and is in full working order. This will be in the lab to aid with demonstrations and clean up that may require water without having to carry it across the entire Hall.


Monday April 29th, 1-2 PM

Training and overview of the new Innovation Lab

Wil & Orv Have Been Waiting At The Door To Welcome Not Only Visitors And Guests, But Especially Our Fine Team Of Volunteers.

As You Can See , There Are Plenty More Boxes To Unpack And Much Work To Do, But With The Team Of Engineers, Designers, And Contractors That Are On-site And Working Hard, An Exciting New Adventure Is About To Begin At The National Aviation Hall Of Fame.

Look For More About The Team In Next Week’s Newsletter.

Be Safe, Be Happy