Innovation Lab – Week 3 Updates

Innovation Lab Weekly Update.

Week three has brought some big changes inside the hall. Can you see the big change that has taken place since last week? Look closely. If you can’t see it, I’ll go ahead and tell you. The banners that hung far above the Hall have come down. It makes a stark difference when you see it in person.

Multi-Media Shelf

Linda and I spent the majority of one day working to organizing, separate, and clean shelves and empty boxes to give us more an idea of what is archived. 16mm film, 8mm film, VHS, DVD, and even some cassettes make up the inventory.

Bunny Trail

We are looking for volunteers to help pass out candy on March 30, 10:00-3:00. This will be one weekend before we reopen to the public so we will have a table set up somewhere in the NMUSAF.

The Wright Stuff

Seizing the opportunity to do the “Wright” thing, Linda takes a moment to relax with the brothers that put Dayton, Ohio on the map.

The Banners

The six banners of Pappy Boyington, Guion Bluford, Charles Duke, Katherine Stinson, & John and Martha King have made it to the ground once again. It was amazing to actually see just how big those banners are. Plans for the banners will be forthcoming in future updates.

Things at the moment are going according to schedule. We would like to thank Dick Palmer for sifting through the many piles of books for donation to the Mid-American Flight Museum in Urbana, Ohio.

We miss seeing all of you and hopefully the groundhog sees a shadow today!