Innovation Lab – Week 9 Updates

Innovation Lab Weekly Update.

Week 8 has been another busy week around the NAHF. The drywall has been mudded, sanded, and the dust cleaned up. The glass for the Innovation Lab has been delivered and starting Monday, the installation work begins. The cleaning and preparations for re-opening has begun.


We recently uncovered this model rocket and we are looking to possibly putting it on display in the new Innovation Lab.


Meagan spent a good part of the day on Friday cleaning off the vestibule roof. This was quite the task as there was an entire colony of dust bunnies living up there.

We are all looking forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday afternoon for the Hard Hat Day. We will be able to show you the changes and improvements that have taken place. We also want to share some of the laughs that have taken place since the closure.


We have 16 cases of these 1984 Enshrinee Albums which we will be making available to the public for a suggested donation of $5. If any volunteer would like one it will be provided to you at no cost.