National Aviation Hall of Fame issues “Call for Entries” for Aerospace Teacher of the Year Award

National Aviation Hall of Fame issues “Call for Entries” for Aerospace Teacher of the Year Award

Deadline for submissions is June 10

Dayton, Ohio-The National Aviation Hall of Fame is seeking entries for its 35th Annual A. Scott Crossfield Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year Award, which includes a cash stipend.

Founded in 1986 by famed research test pilot, the late A. Scott Crossfield, the award is a juried competition open to current classroom teachers from grades kindergarten through twelfth grade from any public, private, parochial or charter school. Nominees can also be teachers in a non-traditional teaching setting. Nominations will be examined by a review committee of aerospace and education professionals for documentation of a teacher’s effectiveness, creativity and ability to maintain high standards for their students and themselves with aerospace being the core subject matter or their curricula.

Scott Crossfield (1921-2006) was inducted into the NAHF in 1983 in recognition of his contributions as a naval aviator, aerospace engineer and test pilot. He was the first man to successfully fly at speeds above Mach 2 and Mach 3; the first man to fly the X-15; and contributed to the safety of manned spaceflight, among many other achievements. He established the award to recognize dedicated and talented aerospace educators who; set high standards for students and demand excellence in performance; strive to improve their personal academic competence and teaching ability; perform their teaching duties in an exemplary manner, resulting in true learning by students; demonstrate creativity in developing and utilizing materials to enhance the teaching of aerospace; maximize student involvement and gear activities to improve learning or create and have developed a one-time project or program of such significance that it has a major impact on the teaching of aerospace education.

The Crossfield Aerospace Educator of the Year will receive their award in conjunction with our annual Enshrinement Dinner & Ceremony to be held the weekend of September 25th in Dayton, Ohio. The award will be presented by a NAHF Enshrinee. Past presenters, since Crossfield’s passing, include Major General Joe Engle, USAF (Ret) and Major General Charles Bolden, USMC (Ret).

The 2019 Teacher of the Year is Scott McComb, Raisbeck Avation H.S. Science Department Chair, Founding Coach and Chair of the Washington State Science Olympiad, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) Founding Advisor, and Green Energy Team Founding Advisor. McCombs’ accomplishments include development of the program of Physics of Flight and Aerospace Engineering, which provides students robust creative problem solving techniques using various materials. McComb’s curriculum comprises many exceptional activities that are student-involved such as the Wing Beam in which students design, built, and test the most efficient composite wing beam possible. 

To learn more about the Crossfield Award or to apply, please click here: Crossfield Award Information


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