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Alexander Graham Bell

  • Invented the telephone.
  • He developed the tetrahedral cell with aerodynamic lift and tested a variety of kites formed with these cells. His “Frost King” kite lifted a man, clinging to its rope, off the ground in 1905. Once, he even tied his kite to a galloping horse and hauled it aloft.
  • His “Cygnet” kite flew for seven minutes at a height of 168 feet with a man on board in 1907.
  • Formed the Aerial Experiment Association in 1907 with Lt. Thomas Selfridge, Glenn H. Curtiss, J. A. D. McCurdy, and F. W. Baldwin.
  • His Aerial Experiment Association’s June Bug won the scientific American Trophy in 1908 for the first flight in America of more than one kilometer.
  • Built the White Wing, the first airplane in America to have hinged ailerons and a tricycle landing gear.

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