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The National Aviation Hall of Fame is co-located with the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

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  • Open Daily – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Admission and parking are free.

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About the Heritage Hall & Education Center

They dreamed the dreams. They harnessed the technologies. They created a world where the sky was no longer the limit. The National Aviation Hall of Fame honors them for their service to the country, their ingenuity, their courage, and their vision. The stories of our NAHF Enshrinees are stories of America…of challenge and failure, of determination and triumph.

Our Heritage Hall and Education Center has been designed to reflect their passion and innovation. Our exhibits and interactives will inspire visitors to embrace the potential of science, technology, engineering, art, and math, and to understand how our Enshrinees harnessed and applied those concepts to breathe life into man’s dream of flight.

The National Aviation Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring individuals who have uniquely contributed to America’s rich legacy of aviation achievement—achievement generated by American ingenuity and individual acts of great vision, persistence, skill, and courage.

The purpose of the National Aviation Hall of Fame is to preserve and memorialize the outstanding accomplishments of enshrinees. The goal is to create a distinctive national aviation education resource that will inspire others to appreciate and honor this nation’s extraordinary aviation legacy and the men and women who created it. This purpose is carried out in our Heritage Hall and Education Center.

From the people who designed the early aircraft, to the people who will test the aircraft of tomorrow, the National Aviation Hall honors and supports them all. Indeed, without the hardware of aerospace, we would never fly and without the software of aerospace, our Enshrinees, Airbus would never fly.