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Alexander Procofieff DeSeversky

  • Came to the United States and offered his services to the U.S. War Department, making outstanding contributions to the production of the SE-5 fighter.
  • Became special consultant in 1921 and an advisor in the famous “Airplanes Versus Warships” bombing test.
  • Invented the in-flight refueling method and developed the first gyroscopically stabilized bombsight.
  • Founded the Seversky Aircraft Corporation and developed an advanced design amphibian in which he set world speed records in 1933-35.
  • Developed an all metal monoplane which set speed records in the 1933-39 National Air Races and a transcontinental record in 1938.
  • Developed the P-35 fighter and its design led to the Thunderbolt, one of the great fighters used in World War II.
  • Wrote Victory Through Air Power in 1942 which was made into a movie, and ultimately alerted the allies to the need for air power.

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