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Carl “Tooey” Spaatz

  • Attended the United States Military Academy and received a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Infantry in 1914.
  • Flew under the command of General Billy Mitchell (enshrined 1966), in the Thirteenth Aero Squadron of the Second Pursuit Group during World War I. During this time he was credited with downing three German Fokkers behind enemy lines, a feat for which he received the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • Served as the commanding officer of the Question Mark’s five-man crew and as chief of the project. This monumental flight set a world’s endurance flight record and proved the practicality of in-flight refueling after remaining airborne for over six days.
  • Became Chief of the Army Air Force Combat Command.
  • Transferred the British Eagle Squadron, American pilots who were flying under British command, into the United States Army Air Force.
  • Commanded the U.S. Strategic Air Forces in Europe coordinating the efforts of the 8th and 15th Air Forces in 1942.
  • Awarded the Collier Trophy for his leadership in 1944.
  • Served as Commanding General of U.S. Strategic Air Force in the Pacific theater and was aboard the USS Missouri when the Japanese surrendered.
  • Established the SAC (Strategic Air Command).
  • Was the last commanding general of the Army Air Force and the first Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force.

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