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Chance Milton Vought

  • Learned to fly from the Wright Brothers in 1911 and received FAI pilot’s certificate No. 156.
  • Designed the Mayo-Vought simplex aircraft in 1914 which was used by the British as a World War I training plane.
  • Joined the Wright Company of Dayton in 1916 for a short time as Chief Engineer where he produced the famous Model V Wright Flyer.
  • Perfected his design for a standardized military training plane and created the VE-7 which the War Department enthusiastically supported. The Vought VE-7 fitted with an arresting hook made naval history in 1922 when it was used on the refitted USS Langley aircraft carrier.
  • Created the Vought UO-1, the Navy’s first catapult launched aircraft.
  • More than 15,000 military aircraft were built bearing the Vought name, including the 026 Corsair of 1928, the F4U Bentwing Corsair of World War II, the F-8 Crusader, and A-7 Corsair II aircraft.

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