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Edward Henry Heinemann

  • While working at International Aircraft Corporation in 1927 he designed the landing gear for its biplane.
  • Designed his first airplane, a trainer, at the Northrop Corporation as well as the dive brakes for the BT-1 dive bomber.
  • Created many groundbreaking aircraft throughout his career at Douglas Aircraft company including:
    • The A-20 Havoc World War II bomber.
    • The SBD Dauntless World War II dive bomber.
    • The Skystreak jet explored transonic flight following World War II.
    • The Skyrocket, the first plane to exceed Mach 2.
    • The F-3D Skynight, the first jet to down another in night combat.
  • Received the Collier Trophy in 1953 for designing the delta-wing F4D Skyray carrier fighter.
  • Became the Vice President of Military Aircraft Engineering at Douglas in 1958.

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