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George Churchill Kenney

Innovator, Pilot, & Military Leader

Born: August 6, 1889 in Yarmouth, Canada
Death: August 9, 1977
Enshrined: 1971

Attended engineering school at McCook Field, Ohio after World War I and pioneered the mounting of machine guns on warplane wings to increase firepower.

Developed low altitude attack tactics and the parachute fragmentation bomb as an instructor at the Tactical School.

Had an outstanding grasp of what today is called “operational art” and how airpower could be used to complement the operations of land and sea forces. Many considered Kenney to be the most accomplished combat air strategist of World War II.

Became Commanding General of the Allied air forces and the U.S. 5th Air Force in the southwest Pacific Theater supporting General MacArthur during World War II.

Became commander of the Far East Air Force in 1944.

Organized and commanded the Strategic Air Command.

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