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Glenn Luther Martin

Pilot & Inventor

Born: January 17, 1886 in Macksburg, Iowa
Death: December 5, 1955
Enshrined: 1966

Learned to fly in 1909 with a pusher-type biplane he built.

Claimed to be the first to film motion pictures from an airplane.

Formed the Glenn L. Martin Company and built the Army’s first tractor-type trainer, the first multi-passenger seaplane, developed a pack-type parachute and participated in early bombing tests.

Built the MB-1, the first twin-engine American bomber.

After World War I he built torpedo and dive bombers, flying boats and the B-10 bomber for which he received the Collier Trophy in 1932.

Received the Daniel Guggenheim Medal in 1940 for his China Clipper and B-26 Marauder bomber.

Built flying boats and bombers during World War II.

Developed rockets and missiles following World War II.

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