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Henry Ford


Born: July 30, 1863 in Springwells Township, Michigan
Death: April 7, 1947
Enshrined: 1984

Mass produced Liberty aircraft engines, as well as engines for Kettering’s Bug aerial torpedo during World War I.

Invested in the Stout Model Airplane Company in 1923 which perfected an all-metal air transport. In 1925 he purchased the company, renamed it the Ford Airplane Manufacturing Division and initiated the development of a three-motor airliner to increase passenger safety and operating revenue.

Ford purchased several of the air transports in 1925 to establish the world’s first regularly-scheduled airline devoted to the business needs of a single company.

Built the world’s first truly complete and modern airport at Dearborn, Michigan.

Sponsored an annual Ford Reliability Tour involving non-military aircraft flying a scheduled route with numerous stops to promote public confidence in aviation.

Introduced the Ford Trimotor in 1926 which made Ford the world’s largest

manufacturer of commercial aircraft at the time.

Mass produced the B-24 Liberator during World War II.

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