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Juan Terry Trippe

  • Organized his first airline, Long Island Airways, in 1923.
  • Helped organize the Colonial Air Transport in 1924 and served as its first managing director. Colonial was awarded the first domestic airmail route by the Federal Government, which linked Boston, Hartford, and New York.
  • Formed Pan American Airways in 1927. This company was the first international airline and initially operated between Florida and Cuba.
  • Was the first to inaugurate air service over a major ocean (the Pacific) for mail, passengers, and cargos.
  • Introduced around-the-world service in 1947, direct flights to South America in 1948, low-cost tourist fares in 1952, transatlantic jets in 1958, around-the-world jets in 1959, and jet air freighters in 1963.
  • Ordered the first super jets that went into service in 1970 and was the first to order the supersonic Concorde.
  • Purchased National Airlines in 1974, acquiring domestic routes for the first time.

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