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Wiley Hardeman Post

  • Won the Derby of the National Air Races from Los Angeles to Chicago in 1930.
  • Made the first around-the-world solo flight in his aircraft, the Winnie Mae, in seven days, 18 hours and 49.5 minutes in 1931.
  • Conceived, aided in the design, and tested the first fully pressurized flying suit and helmet.
  • Designed his “Man from Mars” flying suit in 1934 and made an unofficial ascent to 49,000 feet.
  • Recognized the importance of biological rhythms to pilot proficiency and fatigue, and was one of the first to conduct human factors research in this area.
  • Reached an altitude of 50,000 feet in the super charged Winnie Mae and discovered jet streams.
  • Received the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1932 by act of Congress and won the Collier Trophy in the same year.
  • Won the Gold Medal of Belgium and the Harmon Trophy in 1934.

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