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William Allan Patterson

  • Promoted to Executive Vice President and General Manager of Boeing Air Transport, then was promoted to Vice President of United Aircraft and Transport Corporation where he managed its Boeing Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, National Air Transport and Varney Air Lines.
  • Introduced the first flight stewardess in 1930 as Vice President of United Aircraft and Transport Corporation.
  • Became president of United Air Lines Transport Corporation in 1934 and introduced air express services, flight kitchens, sleeper services, and improved passenger safety and comfort.
  • Planned the DC-4 airliner, began flights to Hawaii in 1946, and established specifications for the DC-8 jetliner.
  • Equipped airliners with weather-mapping radar and began nonstop transcontinental flights after the Korean War.
  • Installed the first airdeck and electronic reservation system.
  • Became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer in 1963.

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