NAHF Attorney David Greer’s Response to Congressman Mike Turner

The National Aviation Hall of Fame would like to share the correspondence below regarding accusations made by Congressman Mike Turner  on January 25, 2017.

The three documents include our attorneys letter and letters from the two Trustees that Congressman Turner cited has having support from for his investigation.

To see the signed documents, please click this link:

Letter to Congressman Michael Turner02032016

Below is the text of the 3 letters:

February 2, 2017

Michael R. Turner
Member of the Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
2368 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Turner:

Mr. Harris has directed to me your letters of January 25 and February 1, 2017. He and
his fellow Board members are appropriately upset that you have been writing press releases in
the form of letters which are read in the media before they are received in the mail. They are
even more upset that you obtained signatures of two Board members on form letters that were
obviously prepared by your office and then represented those letters as if they were requests for a
Congressional investigation of what sounds like criminal/ethical issues. The reputation of the
organization, its Board members and leaders does not deserve that kind of treatment. I trust you
will make a public apology and retraction of your accusations.

I am enclosing a copy of a letter Mr. VanDerKarr has delivered to the Board. He is a fine
gentleman with an impeccable background. I can only conclude that you have taken unfair
advantage of him. I have also enclosed a copy of a letter Katie McCallum has delivered to the
Board. She, too, was misinformed about the form letter you asked her to sign.

Please provide me with all of the documents relating to the “complaints” referenced in
the second paragraph of your January 25”^ news release. With respect to your February f news
release I can assure you that there has not been any action or even consideration in over a year of
selling the signed Wright propeller which is the only significant artifact owned by the National
Aviation Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame looks to you for support, not for castigation and unfounded accusations. Its audited financial statements are open to inspection by you or by any other member of the public. I am willing to discuss on its behalf any legitimate concerns you may have. Common courtesy suggests that any such concerns be the subject of private discussion before they are distorted as products for publicity.

Yours truly,

David Greer


1 Feb 2017

TO:  All Hall Aviation of Fame (NAHF)Trustees

There has been much publicity recently regarding my involvement in an Investigation of
the NAHF by Congressman Michael Turner. I would like to clarifythe facts concerning my
Involvement in this matter.

First -1 did NOT contact Congressman Turner as he contacted me to ask If I would send a letter
to Bill Harris, NAHF Chairman, requesting that any NAHF financials be made available to him. I
saw no problem as this is public information and said I would agree to write a letter. He advised me that he had the letter written and all I had to do was sign it. I was of the opinion that he was interested In the financial well being of the future for the NAHF and might be able to arrange some Congressional financial support. He did not say this, it was just my thought. I felt sure that if he asked the financials would be made available to him. I was told that my letter would probably NOT be necessary If his letter to Bill Harris was successful In obtaining the financial data. Also, that his letter would be sent first and I would be notified if my letterwas necessary, i never received that call. I had said that Iwanted to give Bill Harris a “heads up” before my letter was sent.
Second -1 voiced no concerns to Congressman Turner about the NAHF other than to say that
our financial status has always been a concern of the Board. 1do not know who approached
the Congressman with “concerns”.
Lastly – my allegiance is to the NAHFas it has always been for the past 37 years.
Iam greatly disturbed by the recent news releases and the Inferenceof myinvolvement in
initiating this Investigation.

Best Wishes,

Don VanDerrKarr


February 1,2017

 Dear NAHF Board Members,

I am concerned that there are assumptions being made with my involvement in Congressman Turner’s investigation and I would like to make sure you have the facts.

I never contacted Congressman Turner with concerns of NAHF’s financial status, he called me. Apparently someone (not sure who) had contacted him with concerns. My understanding of the conversation with Congressman Turner was that he wanted to obtain NAHF’ s financial records so that he might be able to help support the organization. He said he was sending a letter to President Harris to request the financial documents and asked if I would sign a letter in support of obtaining these records. Since this is public information I did not see a problem with signing the letter which was written by Congressman Turner’s office and sent to me to sign. Itwas my understanding that if President Harris agreed to release the financial records to Congressman Turner there would be no need for my letter. I assumed NAHF would comply with the request and my letter would not be necessary. I never was informed that any of this would go through the press, I assumed that it would be between NAHF and the Congressman.

To say the past two weeks.have been difficult is an understatement. I have been in touch with Don Vanderkarr, as we are both greatly disturbed by the recent events.

If any board member has questions or would like to discuss this further, I am happy to do so. My only interest is to see NAHF and its mission succeed for many years to come.


Katie McCallum