The NAHF and PBS have Partnered for an Exciting STEAM Based Curriculum

The NAHF and PBS have Partnered for an Exciting STEAM Based Curriculum

Discovering Flight: Learning with the National Aviation Hall of Fame

DAYTON, OH / April 27, 2020 / The National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) and PBS affiliate ThinkTV are thrilled to announce that they have partnered to create the NAHF education program. Discovering Flight: Learning with the National Aviation Hall of Fame is a comprehensive STEAM-based curriculum using standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for young learners as well as teachers and parents working to support and inspire the next generation of aerospace legends.

Discovering Flight is an activity driven program for elementary and middle school students that explores aerospace science and  history with  the  Wright  Brothers.  Students travel alongside the historic brothers to share in the discoveries they made while interacting with other famous pilots to deliver fun educational  experiences  for  on-line  learning and in the classroom. Additionally, the curriculum folds in components that foster an appreciation of the nation’s extraordinary aviation legacy by honoring the exceptional individuals who led the way. The result is a better understanding of the practical wonders of flight and encouragement to participate in the incredible future achievements that will  spotlight America’s remaining air and space frontiers.

The late Mrs. Zoe Dell Nutter, Trustee Emeritus, who served  as  the  first  female President and then Chair of the Board of the NAHF, graciously agreed to underwrite the new program before her passing.

“From the conception of flight by the Wright Brothers to the twenty-three Ohio natives who have become astronauts, more than any other state, aviation has held a proud place in Ohio history,” Mrs. Nutter said. “I have always believed in the importance of the NAHF mission to capture and share the nation’s heritage and, through this partnership, we will inspire the next generation of aviation greats.”

ThinkTV Corporate and Community Connections Director Greg Schell  said,  “The  NAHF program includes the development of a multifaceted curriculum  that  will  be  distributed through Crayons to Classrooms (C2C) to teachers, especially those in under-resourced schools. It incorporates NAHF Digital Studios  and  Interactives  for  ThinkTV’s STEM WORLD and PBS LearningMedia, a NAHF Discovering Flight PBS KIDS engagement page and the creation of interactives to be shared via  the  NAHF  website  and social media.”

Just as diverse as those inducted into the NAHF, there is not just one  aspect  of  aviation  covered in the program. NAHF Enshrinees and candidates of varied abilities, methods, influences and backgrounds are presented in the true multi-disciplinary approach combining science, language arts, mathematics and social studies. Featured Enshrinees include mechanics like Charles Taylor; trailblazing pilots like Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Bob Hoover and Patty Wagstaff; inventors and engineers  like  Frank  Whittle,  Igor  Sikorsky, and Kelly Johnson; General Aviation legends like Olive Beech, Al Ueltschi and Paul and Tom Poberezny; and aviation visionaries like Burt and Dick Rutan, Alan and Dale Klapmeier and   Joan Sullivan Garrett.

“The NAHF is committed to providing STEAM exposure to under-served communities. As a designated hub for innovation, aerospace will continue to be an honored part of Ohio’s legacy for generations to come. An imperative part of that is the inclusion of a highly- skilled aerospace workforce,” NAHF President and CEO Amy Spowart said. “We  know that  the aviation and aerospace industry faces a shortage of trained technical graduates. At the   same time, attracting young learners into pursuing STEAM careers is not simple. At the NAHF, we see the work to inspire and build the confidence of future aerospace innovators as an essential part of our mission.”