The National Aviation Hall of Fame Receives Support from Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft provides $75,000 in support for Discovering Flight with the National Aviation Hall of Fame

DAYTON, Ohio – March 2, 2022- The National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) is honored to share that Cirrus Aircraft, the world’s largest producer of piston-powered aircraft, is sponsoring the circulation of Discovering Flight: Learning with the NAHF to Title 1 schools in Duluth, MN, and Knoxville, TN.

Cirrus Aircraft, awardee of the 2017 Robert J. Collier Award, has a proven track record for innovation and revolutionary approaches. Pat Waddick, President of Innovation & Operations at Cirrus said, “Our goal is for students and educators to explore essential STEAM concepts and gain a better understanding of the practical wonders of flight. We hope to inspire the next generation to participate in the incredible future achievements to be found in America’s remaining air and space frontiers.”

Discovering Flight: Learning with the National Aviation Hall of Fame is a multi-faceted educational program. It includes Problem Solving with Wilbur and Orville, a series of three individual, 5-unit, classroom curricula for elementary grades. Developed in partnership with PBS/ThinkTV, the local PBS station in Dayton, the curricula includes classroom activities, digital videos, interactives, and additional resources that bring science, history, and the invention of powered flight, to life. Each lesson is aligned with national curriculum standards and grade proficiency outcomes. In addition, the curricula incorporate components that foster an appreciation of the nation’s extraordinary aviation legacy by honoring the exceptional individuals who led the way.

Discovering Flight will also include Why I Fly, a series of short videos that feature an individual engaged in an aviation or aerospace career. Created by Hemlock Films, the focus of each film is to share the whole realm of aviation and aerospace careers with a young and diverse audience. Why I Fly videos will be shared via PBS digital media, the NAHF website and will be available to visitors of the NAHF through an interactive kiosk.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cirrus Aircraft and help foster an introduction and awareness of aviation and provide teachers with a turn-key STEAM-based curriculum in the communities in which Cirrus resides,” said NAHF President and CEO, Amy Spowart. “The support from Cirrus Aircraft will have a substantial impact on our work to help youth discover a passion for aviation. It’s all the more meaningful because Cirrus Aircraft was co-founded by two NAHF Enshrinees – Alan and Dale Klapmeier.”

The donation provided by Cirrus will be used to combat pandemic-related learning loss and provide a solution to aviation and aerospace workforce deficits. Delivered through printed classroom curriculum guides, the NAHF website, social media, PBS Kids programming, and PBS Learning Media, and in the NAHF’s Heritage Hall and Education Center (HHEC), the Problem Solving with Will and Orv is designed to support teachers and inspire students both in and outside the classroom.