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Innovation Lab – Week 15 Updates

April 30, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. It’s finally here! The Joe Clark Innovation Lab is just days away from being unveiled to the world. The signs are up, the displays are built, and we are ready to reopen to the public. REALLY GETTING INTO IT Here Terry has got the shoes of and is putting the finishing touches on the display case that will be highlighting the Collier Trophy and some fine looking model aircraft. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,… Here you can see where ideas go to take-off. Markers and magnets will be available for kids, and adults alike, can start...

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Innovation Lab – Week 14 Updates

April 19, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. This is the crew that is making all of the magic happen with the Innovation Lab. A team dedicated to perfecting the audio, visual, lighting, & construction for everyone who enters to have the best experience possible. They are (L-R) Terry Glispin, Emily Groemmer, Lily Korolkoff, Patrick Denny, & Sean Denny. Petting Zoo A cross section of a wing and a propeller nose are just two of the items that kids and adults alike will be able to put into their hands to as part of the aviation petting zoo inside the Innovation Lab. Special Effects...

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Innovation Lab – Week 13 Updates

April 16, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. This week has brought us to the beginning of the detail work within the lab. As you can see there have been new multi-colored lights installed to give the lab a very dynamic feel even when the lab may not be in use with a class or visitors. DISPLAY CASES One of the new display cases that will house displays about the Collier Trophy and the Enshrinees who have won it and the other will be the “Forces of Flight” display. The small kiosk will be a hands-on interactive display. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL The air traffic...

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Innovation Lab – Week 11 Updates

April 1, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. The Painting has begun, the new glass has been installed, and the doors are in place. Plus, we had a partial opening for the Bunny Trail event with an incredible 4447 visitors! These are exciting times! The Colors The new paint is really giving a splash of color to the Innovation Lab. This blue may not look like it in this photo because it is still wet, but it matches the blue that is used in the theatre sign. Veterans/Volunteers On Friday March 29 the NMUSAF held a “Plane Talk” day in observance of National Vietnam...

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Innovation Lab – Week 10 Updates

March 29, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. The Hard Hat Day was a smashing success. Thanks to all of those who came out to see the progress of the Innovation Lab. We look forward to seeing those of you who could not make it very soon. We couldn’t make it work without our volunteers. Paint & Primer Terry Glispin, of Tanata Productions, rolls on a coat of primer on the finished drywall. Terry is great to work with and has a great taste in music. The Glass Most of the glass has been installed and looks great. As you can see here, the...

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Innovation Lab – Week 9 Updates

March 15, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. Week 8 has been another busy week around the NAHF. The drywall has been mudded, sanded, and the dust cleaned up. The glass for the Innovation Lab has been delivered and starting Monday, the installation work begins. The cleaning and preparations for re-opening has begun. THE RED ROCKET We recently uncovered this model rocket and we are looking to possibly putting it on display in the new Innovation Lab. THE CLEANING BEGINS Meagan spent a good part of the day on Friday cleaning off the vestibule roof. This was quite the task as there was an...

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Innovation Lab – Week 8 Updates

March 11, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. Week 8 has come and gone and I thought I would start this week off with a little laugh. It is hard to fathom that there are actually people in this world that are not fans of aviation. I think this cartoon just pokes a little bit of fun at those individuals that don’t share our love for all things flight. DRYWALL IS UP! Last week the framing, this week the drywall. The Innovation Lab is really beginning to take shape and you can feel the excitement starting to build as we near the April 1...

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Innovation Lab – Week 6 Updates

February 23, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. This has been a very busy and exciting week. The framing is completed. The drywall was delivered. Electrical installation has begun along with the plumbing for the sink. Soon we will be announcing a hard hat day for volunteers to visit the National Aviation Hall of Fame and see the progress that has been made it is an exciting time!  

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Innovation Lab – Week 4 Updates

February 9, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. This week things got turned upside in the Hall. We said goodbye to the X-Jet/Dr. Sam Williams/JetAnimation kiosk. The X-Jet display hanging from the ceiling will be staying, but as we get closer to a re-open date our young X-Jet pilot is being scheduled for some much needed TLC. Deck Work The deck of the aircraft carrier got a little love from volunteer Dick Palmer this week. His steady hand was able to get the numbers and center lines bright and shiny once again. The black surface is next to get a fresh coat. Apartment, Paris...

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Innovation Lab – Week 3 Updates

February 2, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. Week three has brought some big changes inside the hall. Can you see the big change that has taken place since last week? Look closely. If you can’t see it, I’ll go ahead and tell you. The banners that hung far above the Hall have come down. It makes a stark difference when you see it in person. Multi-Media Shelf Linda and I spent the majority of one day working to organizing, separate, and clean shelves and empty boxes to give us more an idea of what is archived. 16mm film, 8mm film, VHS, DVD, and...

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Innovation Lab – Week 2 Updates

January 26, 2024

Innovation Lab Weekly Update. Week two has been filled with surprises and excitement. The more we proceed into this adventure, the more we reach into the past and discover things that have not seen the light of day in a long time. As we look to touch the past we are also getting very excited about what the future hold for us at the NAHF. The “Footprint” Emily, the Innovation LabDesigner, was here for most of the week laying out the footprint of the lab. We also worked in tandem with her to find some items to use within the...

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